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OEM Integration

So you have a cool factory radio... But you want it to sound good too...

It is no secret that newer cars are much more difficult to work on. In some cases, you simply cannot remove the factory radio because it is part of the vehicle’s “network.” This does not mean that you have to settle for the mediocrity of factory installed audio.

Tremendous advancements in OEM integration have been made over the past few years. Consumers can now choose to have the sound that they want, not just what came with the car. Not happy with your bass response or volume and fidelity of that factory system? B's Car Stereo can add an amp, subs, and upgraded speakers. Want to incorporate an IPOD or MP3 player? B's Car Stereo can do that too! How about Satellite Radio? B's Car Stereo can help with that as well.

We have partnered with the best integration manufacturers to give our customers the quality they deserve at any budget. The possibilities are limitless at B's Car Stereo. Stop in today for a free consultation.